Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yep, both of the girls have it. It's weird because all of the kids have been diagnosed with it upon coming home, but none of them have ever shown any symptoms. Since they'll be in close contact with other kids at school and church the pediatrician wants to go ahead and treat them. And I have memories of this. The boys threw up for every day of their five-day treatment, and the new pediatrician is recommending the same medicine (metronidazole). Interestingly, metronidazole is not approved by the FDA as a treatment for giardia, but it is the most commonly prescribed drug to treat it.

I've got a call in to the pediatrician to see if we can switch meds to tinidazole. It is similar to metronidazole and may still cause vomiting, but it is a single-dose treatment and has an 80-100% cure rate for giardia (metronidazole's cure rate is lower). And of course the metronidazole costs $8 and the tinidazole costs $40. But it's totally worth it if the girls are not throwing up for five days!!


Bethany said...

I agree! An extra $32 is completely worth not having to tend sick children, plus clean up all the messes. Besides, in detergent, electricity and water, you might end up saving money! Good luck.

MamaPoRuski said...

So sorry you have to go through this again! Praying for a quick healing! God Bless!