Sunday, July 19, 2009


On Thursday Mark's parents arrived and we've been quite busy!

Friday the goal was to wear the kids out, so after therapy in the morning we came home and had lunch then went to a wading pool. All of the kids absolutely love the water and we had a great time. It's quite the preparation to get everyone suited up and in sunscreen but it is a wonderful way to wear them out.

Friday night we saw "Godspell" at the Muny. I'd never seen it before and it was not what I was expecting (I really liked it). I particularly liked the story behind it--of how and why it was conceived. I wonder how many people that see it actually pay any attention to the message in it or if it's just another fun musical.

Yesterday Mark had a base ball game in Illinois. The kids and I haven't been going to the away games as it's just too much for me to manage right now with the girls not knowing all of their boundaries. With the extra adults (1:1 ratio!!) it was a much more pleasant experience for me. :) We ate a late dinner at Qdoba (kids eat free on the weekends this summer) and then we all crashed. There are no pictures because the camera got left at home--just picture four very dirty, tired, and happy children. ;)

This morning was church and a full day of playing. Mark and his dad hung the new bathroom door and patched the walls in both bathrooms. Only a few more things and the bathrooms will be completely done (for the time being)!

Dima's loose tooth is really loose and I expect him to lose it in the next few days. I've been making a bigger deal out of it than I normally would for a loose tooth because it's such a great example for him of growing up. Plus I really think he can use the extra positive attention. :) Now we've got to decide what to do about the tooth fairy!


SB said...

The tooth fairy brought a dollar for the first tooth and two quarters for the others. We leave the tooth in a snack size bag (envelope works too) and the money appears in there the next morning - tooth gone. Don't have to search for something small in the dark. :)

Anonymous said...

We leave a dollar coin- like the golden Sacagawea or Statue of Liberty. Sometimes we leave a Kennedy 1/2 dollar. These special coins then get saved and the kids enjoy them.