Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yeah, you can just label me as completely insane.

Friday I took 4 kids to the Science Center. Saturday I took 4 kids to the Botanical Garden (specifically the Children's Garden).

By myself.

We all survived, but I seriously question my number of active brain cells when I do things like this. ;)

Saturday was particularly fun because we walked to the Gardens and it had just finished raining. You would have thought none of my children had ever seen puddles before. They were all laughing and jumping and splashing--and we weren't even a block from our house yet! LOL

It was really therapy (shhh...don't tell) as I've been working with Emily on stomping. When she first came home she didn't have enough balance and coordination to pick up one foot and stomp on the ground (really, she couldn't even stand on one foot with the toe of the other foot down for balance--her balance and leg strength were very bad). Now she can actually pick her foot up and stomp! We've been working with stomping on bubbles and in the water at the wading pool to make a splash, so this was some good continued therapy for her.

The kids did a pretty good job (better on Saturday than Sunday, but they were able to run around more which is usually better) at both places and we all had a good time.

No, I did not take any pictures. I don't have enough hands for the camera, too. :) :)

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Shelley said...

It gets easier...and you feel less and less insaine....the more times you venture out on your own with 4(or more) kids! Soon, you will even master how to take photos on these adventures....AND make it look like you were having a fun, stress-LESS time in the photos :)