Monday, April 05, 2010

Blogging from the hospital :)

As I type, Danielle is in surgery for her eyes. This was such a better experience than last time (so far)! She was not anxious or worried this time and we had no tears or even whimpering! We played together, talked to the people that came in, and she was able to sit up while they administered anesthesia (actually I was holding the mask).

Last time we had to hold her down to give anesthesia. It was not pretty or fun.

She was so much calmer and relaxed and it's great to see how much more trust she has in me and in her situation. She knows (as much as possible at this point) that I won't leave her and that this is just a temporary "nap" where they will look at her eyes.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera for recovery again!

I'll try to keep you updated today but no promises. If she wakes up puking I'll be a little preoccupied. ;)

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