Monday, April 05, 2010


We made it home about 12:30 and Danielle promptly threw up in the car. :) I don't think it matters what meds they give her, she follows the same pattern: wake up miserable, sleep a bit more, wake up ready to go home, get home and throw up, then sleep another hour or so. Once she wakes up after the nap at home she's ready to go play. :)

Her eye isn't nearly as red this time but she looks a bit bruised underneath her eye, probably from the extra bleeding she had this time. She's in good spirits and did really well with all of it. She spent the afternoon playing outside. :)

I did find out that she's still not convinced I won't leave--or at least that she still gets concerned when she doesn't understand where I'm going. She did fine with me going to the bathroom while she was in her room after surgery (the nurse was with her) but when we left they had a nurse escort us out with Danielle in a wheelchair (she was really wobbly!). When we got to the parking garage I had to go get the car and Danielle stayed with the nurse. Apparently she got really worried I wasn't coming back. I think it was a combination of factors: she was in a different area of the hospital that she's not familiar with, she had a different nurse with her, and she didn't understand exactly what I was doing.

While I don't ever like her to be upset, I know that every time something like this happens and I do come back that it reinforces to her that I always will come back. I also reinforced that verbally after I had put her in the car. :)

Danielle will have a follow-up appointment in two weeks and hopefully we'll have a good prognosis, although we won't really know for a few months if her eyes will be able to maintain their desired positions.

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Tami said...

So glad she's home and on the road to recovery. Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Just trying to survive work and home life with four active kids! :)
I got your note about coming through Kansas on your way to Colorado. We would have LOVED to visit with you all. Let's plan on next time! :)