Monday, April 12, 2010

New injuries

Not me, Tim. :)

Apprently he decided to somehow throw himself off of the swing at school today and managed to scrape up his whole right cheek. He looks like he got attacked by a piece of carpet. :) :) I got a phone call from the school because they didn't want me to be shocked when I picked him up--it's pretty obvious.

I don't think it bled and it didn't bother Tim. He didn't even tell his teacher when it happened. I have a feeling it hurt but not horrible and since it wasn't bleeding he figured it was no big deal. Of course when his teacher saw it she flipped out.

He was getting a little testy by the end of the day of everyone asking him what happened to his face. As a consequence of using a rude tone towards one person (adult) who asked he ended up writing "I will not be rude." twelve times tonight. :) In addition, we talked about why people were asking about his face (it was really obvious and clearly something had happened to his face) and how he could respond politely ("I just fell off of the swing." in a neutral tone of voice).

This is a crazy week at school for the kids as Alex and Tim are doing SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) this week and their schedule is disrupted. I tried to warn Alex's teacher last week that he might be in rare form this week due to the schedule changes. She certainly saw it today, and her comments when I picked him up just made me chuckle. We certainly do know our son!

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