Sunday, April 25, 2010

This weekend

Mark had to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend so I had lots of time with the kids.

We had a blast. :)

Saturday Alex had an animal report to work on and the two of us hit a wall and had a major breakthrough all at once. He was working on his report (we were talking about things from the book he had read) and I had asked him a comprehension question regarding two sentences in his book. He couldn't figure out how to answer it and got really frustrated. He was sitting at the dining room table and I was in the kitchen when he looked at me and said, "Mama, this isn't EASY..." To which I stared at him for a minute and then replied, "Who ever told you it would be easy? No, first grade is not easy, and second grade will be even harder. Life is not easy and you have to work. And sometimes that work is hard."

He looked at me and then sat down and figured out the answer. He actually thought. This is a major breakthrough for him (at one point during this question/answer session he told me he "didn't have any thinkings in his head."). He did a great job working the rest of the time and we got everything done we needed that day, then on Sunday worked on changing his brainstorming into sentences for his rough draft.

Saturday night we all went to church. It was a little chaotic since I had our snack (banana bread) in the oven and we were waiting for Mark to get home when the tornado sirens went off. By the time I actually got everyone in the basement they had, of course, stopped. But we waited until Mark got home to head back upstairs and then went to church. We made the mistake (never again) of going to Sam's afterwards to get groceries and dinner. The kids did great (we had all had a nap in the afternoon) but they had a really hard time going to sleep when we got home. I think they were all asleep by 9:30pm.

Sunday night I did showers for them before dinner and then we went upstairs at 6pm to start bedtime. We told them we'd have lots of time for stories this way, which we did, but they were still all in bed by 6:30pm.

And ALL asleep by 6:40pm. :)

It was a great weekend. :) :)

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