Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter egg hunts

Yes, that was plural.

As it turns out, we did THREE Easter egg hunts on Saturday. That was so not planned.

There was an Easter egg hunt at the kids' school/church Saturday morning right before our church Easter egg hunt. We thought we would stop by since the kids had been hearing about it at school and I thought they might like to see some of their teachers there. As it turned out, we missed the egg hunt for the little kids (Emily and Danielle) but were able to jump onto the edge of the big kids hunt and all of the kids found a few eggs. They were just scattered on the ground but the girls are not the fastest at picking up eggs and are also pretty easily distracted (especially Danielle!). Most of the time other kids got to the eggs before they did. We didn't stick around for the games and crafts they had because we wanted to get to our church Easter egg hunt.

When we got to the park, we quickly found a place to park and found the schedule. We've only been going to this church since August so we've never done their egg hunt before. As it turns out, it's HUGE! They have three separate areas set up for toddler, preschool, and elementary age kids and then they do THREE egg hunts for each age group. And there were literally hundreds of eggs out for each group. We had some time before the egg hunts started so the kids got their faces painted, did some sticker art, and decorated plastic eggs. Then we did one egg hunt for Emily (preschool) and then one egg hunt for the other three. They all ended up with plastic bags FULL of eggs. We dumped the candy out into their bags and returned the eggs. The volunteers were stuffing eggs as fast as empty ones came in to prep for the next egg hunts. :)

After the egg hunt we headed to our old neighborhood to drop Mark off for a meeting with a contractor at the dirty house. On the way, he noticed some people walking with Easter baskets and realized that it was most likely the day of the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. So we dropped in on that. Since I had the kids by myself, I took all of them to the big kid side. The girls did not find a single egg (actually, they found some but couldn't get to them in time) but the boys had better luck and managed to get 2 or 3 each. It was irrelevant as we were really just there to see some old friends and hang out while Mark was busy. :) We had lunch there and even managed to win a couple of prizes.

All told, we ended up with more candy from the egg hunts than we did from Halloween!

And yes, I have pictures. :) :) I finally downloaded the pictures off of the camera from February, so I'm a bit behind!

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Tina said...

Wow. GO JOURNEY Easter Egg Hunt!! I'm impressed!