Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on Danielle

Danielle's eye seems to be healing really well! She hasn't complained about it bothering her at all this time (last time her eyes seemed to dry out more). I think they worked on a different muscle this time and as a result she hasn't had nearly as much redness as with the first surgery. I need to call and set up her follow-up visit with the surgeon to make sure everything is healing well. Then we'll go back in 3-4 months to see if her eyes are lining up correctly.

I really hope so. It would be great to be done with surgeries for a little while and I know Danielle would be happy not to go back!

In the meantime I'm applying for financial assistance through the hospital to see if we can get Alex's therapy covered since our insurance is still refusing to cover it (even though they did for part of the year...sigh). He's made such great progress with his therapist that I hate to have him switch at this point.

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