Friday, April 23, 2010


On Thursdays, the "big" kids have been staying at school in their after-school program while I take Emily to speech. I can get Emily to speech a little earlier without waiting for the big kids which means we get home to dinner earlier too. We had a few behavior issues the first day the big kids stayed after school, but one promise that if it happened again they'd be back to the waiting room with me and we haven't had any more issues. They love the after-school program!

Yesterday when I got to school to pick them up, the main after-school worker came almost running up to me. Apparently Danielle fell down while running downhill on the asphalt. She managed to scrape her front two teeth, cut her gum, scrape her upper lip right under her nose, scrape her right cheek, and cut up her left knee. Quite frankly, she looks like she's been in a bar fight! How on earth she managed to hit all of that on one fall is beyond me, but the after-school worker actually saw her fall so we know what happened.

While I never enjoy seeing my children hurt, I love knowing that Danielle is taking more risks with her body now. When we first came home she hesitated even walking up and down stairs, and would only "run" if she was on an absolutely flat area that she was familiar with. Now that her depth perception is (hopefully) better, she's really branching out with her physical activity. If only her balance would catch up! ;)

We were supposed to have her follow-up eye appointment from her surgery this week, but I neglected to call and schedule it (bad mama!). I had just called on Wednesday and set it up for next Monday. I'm happy she hadn't had her check-up yet since I'm a little concerned that her fall yesterday might have injured her healing right eye. I'll be sure to mention her fall on Monday if it's not still obvious.


Jean said...

Poor Danielle! Give her a big hug and kiss for me :)


Tina said...

I'm glad that she'll be okay! I am a "faller", so I totally get it! :) - It's a neat perspective to know that this fall signifies her taking more risks with herself. That is really cool.