Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I worked the normal 8 hours, came home, walked to school to pick up the kids, walked home, went through everyone's papers, dealt with a meltdown from Danielle, got Alex started on his homework, and then left at 5pm to drive 45 minutes. I interpreted a local commencement last night so I worked another 3 hours there. Got home (after an hour drive due to construction!) and Mark went over to the dirty house to take care of a few things before the plumbers come this morning. I used the time to do laundry, catch up on Reece's Rainbow emails, and make sure the kids had everything they needed for school today (they were, of course, already in bed sound asleep).

I crashed at midnight a few minutes after Mark got home and then was up again a couple of hours later for our BW. When Mark rolled over this morning and asked if I was getting up, the first word out of my mouth was "No." I then groaned as I realized it was lighter than it should be in our bedroom which meant I had overslept (not by much, but more than I would have wanted). :)

On the positive side, I earned a good chunk of money to go towards the dirty house, and the plumbing will hopefully be done by this weekend!

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Jean said...

Yeah for progress on the "dirty" house!!