Thursday, January 28, 2010

Orthodontist appointment for the littlest

Emily had a follow-up orthodontist appointment yesterday to check on the status of her retainer. She's been wearing it to preschool every day and it's only come out once (which her preschool teacher is very grateful about). We can tell a big difference in her speech when she has the retainer in versus when it's out. When Emily asks me why she needs to put her retainer in I tell her it's so I can understand her better, which is completely true!

Mark took Emily to the orthodontist and they said everything looks great. They want to see her back in 6 months when they will do another impression of her mouth to hopefully build a better-fitting retainer. For the impression they will pack her cleft palate with gauze and then stick the mold into her mouth. The orthodontist did a dry run today with the gauze to see how she'll tolerate it and she did great. Hopefully they'll be able to build us a retainer that won't require denture adhesive to keep it in place!

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