Thursday, January 07, 2010


As expected, the Chipin did end before I wanted it to. I think they must end at midnight (or 12:01am) of the day they are scheduled to end. The first Chipin raised $470 which is great!
But just in case there's still anyone who would like to donate and be matched, I've set up a new one and I will end it tomorrow. I will still match all of the donations (up to $50) from yesterday until I close the Chipin. Sorry for the inconvenience!

In other news, we have a snow day today so the kids and I are at home. Unfortunately for them, I'm still making them do school. :) Danielle is working on writing her letters, Tim is working on handwriting and phonics, and Alex has finished his spelling work (writing sentences from dictation) and is moving on to reading. We'll do math for all of them in a bit. Emily did a little bit of writing this morning but I'll work with her more this afternoon when the big kids are playing.

I'd love to let them go play outside but it's really cold today. We'll see if it warms up enough for them to go out a bit this afternoon. We should have speech this afternoon but I have to call and see if our therapists were able to make it in!


hopeful one said...

hi there!
I am so excited for your heart for these children. My husband and I actually have already sent in our application to our agency and are about to start our homestudy in pursuit of adopting these chidlren. Of course because of their location, we are not allowed to "preselect" them, instead we just have to trust that the Lord will lead us to them. I will keep you informed as the process unfolds. BTW, enjoy your snow!!!

Courtney said...

That's so exciting--congratulations! Please do keep me posted!! :) :)